Doctors and Physician Associates

Dr Farhan Rabbani (m)

GP Partner

Kings College 2004

Dr Zarine Syed (f)

GP Partner

Imperial College 2004

Dr Muhammad Naqvi (m)

Salaried GP

MB BS 1999
University of Karachi

Dr Bushra Omar Asif (f)

Salaried GP

MBBS 2002
University of Punjab – Fatima Jinnah Medical College for Women

Dr Cristina Augood (f)

Salaried GP

University of Bucharest

Dr Hafshah Khan (f)

Salaried GP

MB BS 1999
University of London

Dr Antoniya Kabir-Kostova (f)

Salaried GP

MB BS 2009
University of plovdiv

Dr Ashley Smith (f)

Salaried GP

MB BS 1996
University of London

Physician Associates

Physician Associates (PAs) are healthcare professionals who, while not a doctor, work to the medical model, with the attitudes, skills and knowledge base to deliver holistic care and treatment within the general practice team under defined levels of supervision. Although PA’s are dependent practitioners, they can also practice independently and make independent decisions. This is enabled by collaboration and supportive working relationships with their clinical supervisors, meaning that there is always someone who can discuss cases, give advice and review patients if necessary.

Sarah BOUBEKEUR (F) and Javanie HA (F)

They are able to:

Take medical histories from patients

  • Carry out physical examinations
  • Manage and treat patients of all ages and make referrals
  • Visit patients at home, nursing or residential homes
  • Review and act on laboratory results
  • Teach and supervise students
  • Provide patient health promotion and disease prevention advice
  • Help GPs with some admin tasks

They are trained and qualified to run their own clinical appointments but always work under the supervision of a GP.

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